The Lighthouse Supported Living

The Lighthouse works with clients dealing with a broad scope of issues, including those with mental health disorders, chronic addiction, FASD, acquired brain injury, physical, intellectual and cognitive disabilities, transitioning youth and low income seniors. Many of our clients are dealing with multiple diagnoses. These issues are the root causes of homelessness and poverty.

The Lighthouse provides a variety of housing options and programming designed to assist our client’s in their recovery or development as an individual. It is also our goal through our services to provide our clients with a real sense of community. We understand that in order to begin to overcome life’s obstacles three basic needs must be met; shelter, food, and love. We meet these needs through our housing options, food service program, and wellness plan. We also provide programming designed to ensure the success of those we serve. Our life skills and work training program provide the client with skills to sustain their development.

The Lighthouse also refers our client’s to partnering agencies that provide appropriate programming.


The Lighthouse Supported Living is located in downtown Saskatoon, on the corner of 2nd Avenue South and 20th Avenue East. The Lighthouse is a place of hope, a place where people can begin to dream again, and a place where healing starts.

The Lighthouse is a community filled with love, providing transitional and long-term housing options for those who are homeless or are fighting a variety of mental and physical disorders.

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